NZ construction firm tames data storage use

Southbase Construction is optimising and securing the way multiple sites store and transfer large volumes of massive files by unifying collaboration and storage tools.

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As the IT toolkit expands, so too does the requirement to cope with ever-increasing amounts of data. This is especially true in the construction sector, where keeping track of multi-year projects can result in massive data files — and that's just electronic versions of site plans, let alone new tech that improves the client experience.

When Lem Prestage took on the role of IT Manager at Southbase Construction more than two years ago he discovered business practices that included site plans being printed on a regular basis, VPNs used to transfer files, and a whole bunch of "free" accounts for storing data files. The business, which was founded in 2013 and now has four offices throughout New Zealand, builds commercial, industrial and multi-residential developments.

"Everybody was using remote desktops or VPNs to get onto the central drives and then we were sharing through free services such as Dropbox, Google docs and WeTransfer," he says.

So much was wrong with this scenario — the clunky and time-consuming collaboration, the unsustainable practice of printing large project plans, the potential security issues, and the user-fatigue that results in having to remember multiple passwords.

Use of common tools optimises storage

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