Bank of New Zealand takes best from Australian parent in move to cloud

BNZ follows the cue from NAB’s work with regulators, vendor partnerships and innovation in the consumer data space—all while optimising for the Kiwi context.

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New Zealand companies that are owned by Australian organisations have the opportunity to take the best practices deployed by their parent company and adapt to local conditions. That’s the strategy being adopted by the Bank of New Zealand technology team as they embark on a multi-cloud transformation.

BNZ executive general manager of technology and operations Russell Jones, whose team consists of 1,700 permanent staff and contractors, is working with newly appointed CTO Paul Littlefair on moving data and applications into the cloud.

They are taking their cue from their parent company National Australia Bank (NAB) in critical areas such as working with regulators, forming vendor partnerships and innovating in the consumer data space.

Regulatory framework critical to cloud deployment

In the regulated banking sector, banks need to reassure the local regulator that moving to the public cloud doesn’t pose unnecessary risk to highly sensitive customer data. Jones says that early in NAB’s cloud transformation, it struck the issue of being bogged down by having to gain approval at every stage.

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