Covid-19 recovery: A CIO’s playbook

3 ways IT product management can accelerate recovery post-COVID-19

IT product management helps IT organizations deploy new technologies faster, respond to the business's urgent demands, and enable end-to-end product lifecycle management. It can also play a key role in helping the IT organization recover quickly post-COVID-19 and set up for future growth. Here's how.

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The unpredictability of the COVID-19 global pandemic has brought CIOs to a pivotal moment: Their companies have discovered how heavily they depend on IT. In response, IT organizations have already begun delivering IT services with an increasing level of customer focus, effectiveness, and responsiveness. And visionary CIOs and IT leaders are now building contingency plans and preparing their organizations for inevitable future changes — thinking through operational systems, capabilities, and requirements for the long term and exploring ways to expand IT impact. When it comes to expanding IT impact in the post-COVID era, CIOs must consider the following questions:

  • What are the new, urgent, and compelling demands of the enterprise for IT?
  • How can we better align IT products and services to meet those demands?
  • What changes do we need to make to support and accelerate the move to a more agile IT organization?

IT product management, a practice that strategically drives the development, market launch, and continuous improvement of a company's products, can help answer these questions. It creates an adaptable, customer-centric IT organization that's prepared to adapt even before the epidemic ends.

Accelerating recovery with IT product management

Product management approaches to IT transformation initiatives require IT to treat its deliverables — everything from desktop support to a digitally enabled revenue-generating service — as internal "products." IT product management organization recognizes that IT is an internal service business that creates real business value through its competitive service portfolio.

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