5 conversations CIOs must have to advance digital business

CEOs are turning to CIOs to lead digital business efforts, but success depends on your ability to inspire, empower, and engage other business leaders. These are the conversations you need to be having.

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Digital business efforts have accelerated in the face of COVID-19, with leading enterprises and government agencies quickly implementing digital capabilities to support remote and virtual engagement. Now, they have turned their attention to widespread optimization and revenue generation opportunities. CIOs, along with other members of the executive team, are on the implementation front lines. Given their technical expertise, the expectation falls to the CIO to influence, educate, and drive digital transformation.

These are not easy tasks and CIOs can’t undertake the digital transformation journey alone, especially in the rapidly evolving COVID-19 business environment. They must work with their C-suite counterparts and frame digital conversations in a way that inspires, empowers and engages the executive team. In order to spark collaboration and accelerate digital transformation, CIOs need to grow the digital dexterity of the entire leadership team.

To that end, CIOs need to target five roles for digital conversations: the chief financial officer (CFO), the chief human resources officer (CHRO), the chief marketing officer (CMO), the board of directors, and the CIOs direct reports. Here’s what those conversations should look like.

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