Top 10 help desk tools for better customer service

If you’re looking to automate your help desk look no further than these 10 popular help desk ticket tools that can help you create a more streamlined customer service experience.

Top 10 help desk tools for better customer service

Help desk software is designed to streamline customer service and create a functional, centralized point of contact for incident ticketing, customer issues and tracking the quality of customer service. Help desk tools focus on automating tasks such as assigning tickets, answering basic queries for customers, categorizing incidents or problems and tagging the necessary employees when issues arise.

The best choice of help desk software is the one that meets all your organizational needs and fits your budget. While most help desk software options offer similar services and features, some offer unique features or better pricing structures that will fit your business goals. If you’re looking for a service desk or help desk software to manage your IT service needs, here are 10 popular help desk tools designed to help elevate your customer service, streamline your IT ticketing system and strengthen your help or service desk.


Freshdesk is an omnichannel help desk solution that aims to simplify customer service for IT teams through automated workflows, bots and self-service solutions. Freshdesk offers collaborative help desk ticketing system features that enable cross-departmental teams to work together to solve customer service issues. You’ll be able to assign shared ownership of tickets, link tickets together to track widespread issues and utilize social tools to connect with team members to discuss various parts of the ticket.

Freshdesk offers a free Sprout subscription with unlimited agents to handle email and social ticketing, ticket dispatch, knowledge base data, ticket trend reporting and your choice of datacenter location. If you need more features you can opt for the Blossom level for $15 per agent per month, Garden level for $35 per agent per month, Estate level for $49 per agent per month or Forest level for $99 per agent, per month. Each subscription level offers more features, services and add-ons to better customize your help desk ticketing system.

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