11 ways to boost morale in a COVID world

IT leaders are shaking up IT strategies and altering their approaching to leading their teams, introducing new methods for motivating and rewarding remotely.

11 ways to boost morale in a COVID world
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When organizations quickly became fully remote, IT teams took on new responsibilities, in uncertain conditions, to keep their businesses humming. But that effort has taken a toll on a remote workforce with no clear timetable to a return to the office, a perfect recipe for burnout

To succeed under trying conditions, IT leaders have had to adjust their strategies and leadership methods. Some of these shifts, leaders say, will carry over even after the pandemic lifts.

Among the most important of these adjustments are the ways in which IT leaders are maintaining morale in difficult times. Here, IT leaders share how the pandemic has changed the way in which they motivate and reward staff to keep them engaged, and help cope, while still getting the job done.

Individualize rewards 

The best way to recognize individual team members is to learn what team members appreciate and tailor incentives to their interests, says Faisal Siddiqui, CTO of Phone2Action.

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