AI, big data: The keys to ADNOC’s Panorama digital command centre ROI

ADNOC's Panorama command centre is helping to ensure business continuity by enabling real-time decision-making through secure remote access to data and analysis across the company's many business units.

adnocs panorama digital command center is built around a 50m video wall that visualises data from a

Panorama is the digital command centre for ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company), aggregating real-time information across the energy company's 14 specialist subsidiary and joint ventures, including 65 operating sites. It uses analytics, AI, and big data to generate operational insights and recommendations.

Panorama is a key part of ADNOC's ongoing strategic investments in artificial intelligence, digitization, and its 2030 "smart growth" strategy. The company made a splash recently by claiming that Panorama has generated over US$1 billion (AED 3.67 billion) in business value since it was completed in 2018.

CIOs are always making an effort to gauge the return on investment for IT projects: How did ADNOC come up with the $1 billion figure?

"Trying to fully account for the value of digital is not simple as a large part of what digital does is help speed up the decision-making process – which is intangible to measure. The more than US$1 billion in value represents the more tangible monetary aspect generated from the use of Panorama," explains Abdul Nasser Al Mughairbi, senior vice president, digital function, at ADNOC.

Efficiencies lead to operational savings

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