Analytics: Your supply chain’s competitive edge

Global disruptions in the wake of COVID-19 have IT leaders accelerating adoption of data analytics to ensure supply chain effectiveness and integrity.

Analytics: Your supply chain’s competitive edge

Effectively managing supply chains has perhaps never been more important for organizations. The coronavirus pandemic has created significant market distruptions, shifting the way consumers and businesses purchase products and creating challenges for manufacturers to receive the materials they need to meet demand.

Some organizations are finding that data analytics and related technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning hold the key to supply chain management excellence. Whether it’s a matter of ensuring supply chain integrity or navigating rapid growth and complexity, here is how several organizations are putting analytics to work to beneficial results.

NASA: Maintaining supply chain integrity

In 2013, NASA was directed by the U.S. Congress to improve its supply chain risk management processes, specifically as it relates to technology purchases of more than $800 million across IT and operational technology.

Analytics has played a big role in helping the space agency comply with this initiative. Key has been the aeronautics and space research agency’s adoption of an AI-powered supply chain risk management tool from Interos to provide analytics and insight, says Kanitra Tyler, head of NASA’s Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) Service. “Our success with this tool ultimately led to our program becoming a shared service across NASA,” she says.

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