Disrupting education: Digital transformation changes teaching

Krishnan Gopi, chief disruption officer at GEMS Education, explains how analytics, AI, virtual reality and blockchain will transform education and why every company should have a CDO.

krishnan gopi
Krishnan Gopi

After working two decades in technology leadership roles for Fortune 500 enterprises and large Middle East banks, Krishnan Gopi became chief disruption officer at GEMS Education, one of the world's oldest and largest K-12 private education providers. In this Q&A, he explains the role of the chief disruption officer, and talks about recent accomplishments at GEMS.

 What is the relevance of the role of Chief Disruption Officer in today's competitive technology landscape?

 The emergence of new technologies requires senior executives at the helm to drive business growth. The boardroom that historically was dominated by CEOs, presidents and board members, has grown over time as more roles move from the managerial level to the executive level.

Today, organisations are unaware of what is lurking around the corner, what can pose a survival challenge to their business model. Are they future-ready? Disruption can come from any domain and at an unexpected time.

Digital transformation requires people who can take the lead in a permanent cycle of change. The newest member of the C-level executive suite is the Chief Disruption Officer (CDO). Companies across the globe have started recognizing the need for a CDO to ensure their survival. The CDO is their “Man Friday” for this task.

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