10 lies CIOs tell themselves about their agile practices

Seeking to accelerate software delivery, IT organizations are embracing agile but all-too-common self-deceptions and persistent problems have most falling short.

10 lies CIOs tell themselves about their agile practices
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Most organizations now use agile software delivery models, with the No. 1 goal of delivering new capabilities as fast as possible.

Consider the numbers: The 14th Annual State of Agile report, released in May 2020 by Digital.ai, found that 95 percent of respondents say their organizations practice agile, and that the top reasons for doing so are to accelerate software delivery, to enhance the ability to manage changing priorities and to increase productivity.

Despite such ambitious goals, however, agile experts and agile practitioners say many organizations aren’t achieving the speed they seek because they’ve turned a blind eye to persistent problems in their practices.

“Everyone says they’re doing agile, but many aren’t or they’re not doing it as much or as well as they want,” says Dave West, CEO of Scrum.org.

So where are organizations falling short without realizing it? Here are 10 common self-deceptions that still slow down software delivery.

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