Equifax goes all in on the public cloud

The consumer reporting agency's migration to public cloud continues unabated, says CTO Bryson Koehler, who has spent the past two years overhauling IT after a massive data breach rattled the company.

Equifax goes all in on the public cloud

Ask almost any CIO whether they would re-platform their business in the cloud, given the budget, time and technical resources, and the answer would unequivocally be yes. But standardizing on a cloud platform during a global pandemic adds an unexpected wrinkle to the culture change required for building a new technical foundation for the business.

That was one of the many hurdles confronting Equifax CTO Bryson Koehler in March when the consumer reporting agency ordered its employees to work remotely amid the coronavirus outbreak. Even so, employees exhibited excellent productivity in facilitating the company's digital transformation while working from home, Koehler recalls.

For instance, Equifax engineers have delivered more story points — a metric used in agile software development to estimate the difficulty of implementing a digital experience for users — while working around family disruptions that often bog down deliverables.

"We're seeing a higher software capitalization rate," Koehler says. "The COVID-19 outbreak has helped us maintain, if not improve our focus and productivity."

In hindsight, it’s fair to say that Koehler's challenges have been a cut above those of his peers since he joined Equifax in 2018, less than a year after a devastating data breach. Equifax spent hundreds of millions of dollars bolstering cybersecurity after the breach and lured CISO Jamil Farshchi from Home Depot. In accepting a daunting job many would shy away from, Koehler was gifted a $1.2 billion budget to modernize aging technology and restore the public’s trust.

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