How Metito supercharged application performance with flash storage

Plagued by application timeouts, slow backups, and user experience complaints, Metito migrated to a flash storage environment, gaining faster performance and predictable TCO.

Prashant Menon
Prashant Menon

UAE-based Metito has executed thousands of drainage treatment, recycling, waste and other water-management projects across 46 countries. As the organization scaled its business globally, though, data and storage management became primary bottlenecks as application workloads increased demands around its mission critical ERP application, virtual machines, and converged networking infrastructure.

Investing in legacy infrastructure upgrades was expensive and involved business disruptions. "Any network or server outage can be resolved with no lasting impact, but storage is critical. When it fails, you are likely left with a lasting impact," says Prashant Menon, manager of Metito's IT infrastructure and Support Services.

The company sought an alternative to the disruptive forklift upgrades so prevalent across the storage industry. The requirement was to move to a solution that had a predictable total cost of ownership for storage management and offered significant benefit improvements around application performance.

Metito's data centre is based out of Dubai's National Industries Park and feeds satellite offices. The company has more than 3,000 employees and the data centre supports a private cloud that hosts ERP, email, reporting, file servers, and telephony solutions. The business applications include Infor ERP, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office 365 and VMware vSphere supporting a virtualized environment.

Data capacity overloads storage throughput

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