Asset management to boost water sustainability in UAE's Ras Al Khaiman

Implementing Infor's EAM solution is a first step for the RAK Wastewater Agency (RAKWA) to begin its transformation into a sustainable digital water company.

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Walid Abdulrehman Mohammed

The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE has a bold ambition of reusing 100 percent of its wastewater by 2023. While RAK Wastewater Agency (RAKWA), the public utility that manages the collection and treatment of the emirate’s wastewater, is confident it can help meet this goal in a cost-efficient manner, it first had to overcome challenges related to tracking and maintaining its vast array of infrastructure assets.

 Ras Al Khaimah covers an area of about 2,486 square kilometres and produces 12 million cubic meters of wastewater annually. RAKWA manages the operation and maintenance of four sewage treatment plants in addition to 330km of sewage networks and 13 lifting stations across the Emirate. 

Wastewater collection and treatment is a complex task, which requires significant amount of plant infrastructure and assets. These need to be maintained efficiently to ensure optimal performance.

"The biggest challenge we used to have was the efficient utilization of man hours and also the accuracy of the operational data which affected decision-making processes," says Walid Abdulrehman Mohammed, Operations and Maintenance Department Manager at RAKWA. Among other issues, the data available about operational assets was not accurate and sufficient to make predictions about looming asset failures.

Implementing EAM (enterprise asset management) software has helped RAKWA digitalize its extensive assets and to accurately document their performance data. A schedule of proactive maintenance has been a logical offshoot as well as a longer-term plan to transform into a "digital water plant".

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