Top 5 certifications for IT jobs as UAE moves to cloud, virtualization

The UAE’s move to the cloud is well under way, opening up related IT job opportunities. Here are our choices for top cloud and virtualization certificates that will give you skills that employers look for.

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As major cloud players expand their footprints in UAE and across the Middle East, companies and government entities are accelerating their cloud transformation efforts. This is fueling new opportunities for IT professionals with knowledge of cloud and related technology, particularly virtualization.

Growing trust in localized data centers has prompted organizations to move mission- critical services to the cloud — IDC predicts that public cloud spending in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META) region will increase to US$2.8 billion this year, topping off at $6.5 billion in 2024.

Mainstream adoption of virtualization, which often underpins cloud-based services, is growing in tandem with regional cloud transformation efforts.

Technically, cloud services can be offered separately from virtualization, which among other things allows multiple applications and data sets from different users to reside in separate virtual machines within the same physical server, but typically virtualization is at the core of cloud computing offerings and helps keep them cost-efficient.

"Virtualized infrastructures are proving to be an on-ramp and foundation for cloud computing, whether public or private," according to IDC's Software-Defined Compute report.

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