Robust computing power to cope with data explosion

Digital transformation has triggered a series of data explosion, leading to an increasing demand of computing power. As a global leading ICT firm, Huawei continues to look for breakthrough so as to stay ahead of this rapid trend. It is set to launch the FusionServer Pro 2488H V6 to address the pressing needs of data power, where the FusionServer Pro V6 SAP HANA solution will also be ready to make the most of the equipment, helping more enterprises to go through the challenging yet rewarding journey of digital transformation.


Data is extremely valuable and is becoming more so as digital transformation dominates the technology industry. While some enterprises are catching up with the trend, many forerunners have already taken proactive measures in stepping up their settings with evolving solutions, hoping to stay ahead of the trend via clever applications of the ever-changing technology.

A wide range of companies are actively leveraging the technologies of artificial intelligence, big data and more to modify how they sell their products and services, reach out to their customers, manage their resources, etc.

However, digital transformation is more than just doing business in a digital way. Much more is required to facilitate the changes, which ultimately generates a vast volume of data, usually with tremendous value, to ensure such transformation can be smooth and successful.

Digital transformation needs a full load of computing power

Major concerns over such data volume include storage methods and efficient mechanisms to actually use the information and extract its intrinsic value. As data structure changes along with its complexity and architecture, more sophisticated algorithm and procedure will be required for this value exploration. Demand for computing power will also grow to speed up all workloads on such processing.

One example is statistical computing, which is the basis of artificial intelligence. This resource-hungry form of brute-force computing would take up the majority for all the computing power across the globe.

This complete changes the way to look into computing power, and investment would be necessary not just for properly store the data, but also for the unprecedented computing power to process it.

As a global leading ICT enterprise, Huawei has its own comprehensive strategy to pinpoint at different challenges by vastly improving server stand-alone performance, high-density deployment and intelligent operation and maintenance of data centres.

While many people keep their eyes on the computing, expecting various degrees of upgrades would be enough to address the issues, Huawei believes the importance of bringing stand-alone servers to another height, making them the cornerstone to improve servers’ performance at the system level. Another way is to get the computing power by expanding the scale of the server cluster. Regardless which way you choose, the key is to improve the computing power density.

However, bigger challenges for the operation and maintenance come with bigger scale. Intelligent technology would be just right to reduce to cost and the risks of the operation and maintenance, making it much easier for intelligent deployment, upgrade, trouble shooting, power efficiency management and so on.

Powerful intelligent set-ups for future needs

As computing power is one of the deciding factors of whether complicated digital transformation is achieved, this mission will need strong partnership among developers, users, clients, service providers, etc. to ensure success and efficient development. With 18-year experience plus unimaginable innovation, Huawei thus welcomes more parties to join the rank with open arms.

Among the important partners are Intel, which developed the new FusionServer Pro 2488H V6 together with Huawei. The latest 4-socket server 2488H V6 runs on the 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor. Its memory capacity reaches 18TB, which can unlock powerful computing for most of the enterprise system.

The FusionServer Pro 2488H V6 intelligent server is particularly optimised not just for today’s requirements but also future demand. Its highly reliable computing and storage architectures gives perfect support for intelligent acceleration and management, paving a better path toward successful digital transformation.

Outstanding features include the Fault Diagnosis & Management, a diagnosis technology developed in house that can predict a fault seven to 30 days in advance, along with a fault locating accuracy of up to 93%.  The Huawei-patented Dynamic Energy Management Technology (DEMT) can lower the power consumption of a single server by as much as 15% without compromising the performance.

In terms of monetary cost, the full-lifecycle management software FusionDirector and intelligent O&M platform AIOps reduce operating expenditure by 15%, while streamlining data centre management with various intelligent solutions.

Building ecosystem for Shared Success

Another critical partner of Huawei is SAP on the application front. Together with the German enterprise solutions provider, Huawei has developed the SAP HANA solutions with continuous upgrade to meet the business needs while working consistently with latest version of hardware.

The SAP HANA is known for its high-performance in-memory database that accelerates data-driven, real-time decision-making and actions and supports all workloads with the broadest advanced analytics on multi-model data, on premise and in the cloud.

Unlike other databases that store data on the hard drive, SAP HANA stores it in-memory. When you call for the data, the system can access it directly from the in-memory storage instead of calling it up from the hard drive, making it much faster when extracting the necessary information.

The latest SAP HANA solution runs perfectly on the newly launched FusionServer Pro 2488H V6 intelligent server, which has received a boost in general computing power, memory and AI computing power. Together as the Huawei FusionServer Pro V6 SAP HANA solution, it accelerates key applications such as enterprise ERP and data warehouses through its high-performance, high-reliability, and smooth expansion features, helping enterprises quickly analyse and obtain key data, and seize business decision-making opportunities.

The ecosystem is much bigger than this. Huawei continues to work with Intel, SAP, and other global partners to establish a community for FusionServer Pro smart server products and solutions. These will provide robust supports to operators and industries such as finance, energy, manufacturing and the government to achieve digital transformation with ease.

FusionServer 2488H V6 and the SAP HAHA solutions are just among the many products and the like showcased in the fifth HUAWEI CONNECT, which took place between September 23 to 26 in Shanghai. Global thought leaders, business elites, technical experts, pioneering enterprises, ecosystem partners, application service providers and developers, shared their insights into the unstoppable digital transformation for various industry in the intensive yet rewarding event.

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