Q&A: How Striata sealed its acquisition deal during the lockdown

While the world was in lockdown, the team at South African customer communications management (CCM) company Striata was ironing out the details of a buyout offer from Doxim. Founder Mike Wright explains, and outlines management and technical challenges that face any IT leader going through a merger or acquisition.

michael wright
Michael Wright

There's something distinctly South African about Striata's Mike Wright — part of it may have to do with that fact that he runs a successful digital customer communications management (CCM) business that he named after a common South African aloe species. Today, the company is entering a new chapter. Recently acquired in a multi-million dollar deal by Canadian communications and engagement company, Doxim, the Striata team have work to do to complete the merger of technology and staff, and also see some exciting prospects for international expansion.

In this Q&A, we chatted with Wright about the technical and management challenges of bringing two companies together, and why he's making sure that the company doesn't lose its well-established South African culture.

Let's start with a little introduction to Striata.

We're a South African success story. We started in my garage over 20 years ago and expanded quickly. It wasn't long before we realised that the value that we were providing to the local market had just as much appeal in other regions. So we sent out different South Africans employees as our "envoys" and we grew the business from there.  

 Tell us about the acquisition by Doxim. Was a buyout your ultimate goal when you started the business?

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