Taking advantage of automation – the Capita story

In this second episode of the Innovate To Accelerate podcast series, Dr Gráinne Watson, Director of Automation Practice at Capita talks about the organisation’s ambitious automation project, from identifying automation opportunities across its stable of businesses to targeting KPIs around cost reduction and improving internal efficiencies for itself and its customers.

There are few parts of public life Capita does not touch. The management of school libraries, payroll for NHS dentists, inspecting 15,000km of the UK’s rail network, monitoring London’s carbon emissions. Capita connects businesses and customers, governments and citizens with 35 million end users served every day.

Automation will play an integral part in Capita’s future ways of working. Their aim is to introduce automation into every Capita business and function to improve, evolve and optimize how they work.

In this episode, Dr Watson talks about the opportunities and challenges around the project, the importance of educating staff top-down and bottom-up, and how the organisation is working with ServiceNow to build a digital service desk as an invaluable first line of support for customers.

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