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For years many of us have been hearing a constant whinge, really, that the Australian technology sector isn’t getting the love it needs, whether from government bean counters, or local investors, to realise its true potential.

But over the past few years we’ve seen a handful of local companies defy expectations and ascend to the global stage, while of course we’ve seen the creation of a dedicated tech index on the Australian Securities Exchange. 

So what’s the real state of the local tech industry today, where’s it heading and what needs to be done to get there faster?

Long-standing Australian tech analyst, consultant and author Len Rust, thinks that while there’s lots of room for improvement, the local industry has nevertheless produced plenty of great companies – and people – to be proud of, in addition to the obvious ones that seem to grab all the headlines.

Cheryl George, commercial director with the CSIRO’s Data61, takes us on a fascinating tour of what the agency is currently up to across many areas of technology, in particular advancing innovations with implications for the enterprise, as well as programs supporting the procurement of local tech by local businesses.

And Ecosystm principal analyst, Tim Sheedy, shares his vision for how Australian organisations can harness the best of local innovation to drive better business practises and insights by simply picking up the phone – or walking across the road – any connecting with any number of world-class universities and research institutes.


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