Aspen Skiing Co. counts on change management for contactless experience

With ski season set to get under way, Aspen Skiing Co. is providing safer guest experiences using digital technology, including mobile ordering and payment and touchless lift tickets.

Aspen Skiing Co. counts on change management for contactless experience
Aspen Skiing Co.

The coronavirus pandemic has raised the functionality factor for mobile software, as some fear-filled customers shy away from brands they perceive as not having their social-distancing concerns at heart by providing a digital equivalent for every touchpoint. Woe to the company that can’t create an end-to-end contactless user experience that is seamless, convenient, and — importantly — fun.

On that score, Aspen Skiing Co. is building safer experiences for guests of its ski lodges by upgrading its mobile application to enable consumers to order and pay for meals and recreational services and by rolling out touchless lift ticket kiosks, says CIO John Lilley, who is leading the digital transformation for the company.

Aspen, which operates several high-end resorts overlooking four storied Colorado mountains, complemented the effort with a change management program, ensuring that employees are conversant enough in the new features to help guests should they ask. “The pandemic has offered us a unique opportunity to accelerate our guest experience roadmap,” Lilley tells

The pandemic has provided a stiff test for companies, spotlighting their ability or inability to move nimbly to meet consumers’ needs. In 2021, only 30 percent of customer-obsessed firms will leverage their cloud and platform strategies to harvest the opportunities that surfaced in the pandemic, according to Forrester Research’s 2021 CIO predictions. But the dividends are potentially huge, as these firms will grow up to 3.5 times faster than their average peer, the researcher found.

The on-mountain concierge

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