6 IT projects to boost your tech career

Looking to get ahead? Investing time in an independent side project can pay off at your day job. Here are your best bets for learning skills expected to grow in demand in 2021 and beyond.

6 projects to boost your tech career
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Most tech professionals don’t need prodding to upskill — adopting new technology is just part of the appeal for working in the field. But the COVID pandemic has heightened focus and revealed needs in a few areas in particular: remote work, cloud computing, and self-learning. For proactive tech workers, self-directed projects in emerging areas can provide new career opportunities and a sense of security in uncertain times.

Tech leaders offered ideas on how to explore projects on your own or join a pilot project, with an eye toward future career advancement. They also offered tips on which domains seem the most promising to dive into for such a project, considering technologies primed to grow and stay in demand beyond 2021. 

And there’s a common theme running through their advice: Focus not just on the technology in question but develop a clear plan to employ it in a way that drives business value for the organization, by fulfilling a need, streamlining a process, or otherwise solving a notable business problem.

Read on for a handful of self-driven tech projects that are most likely to boost your tech career.

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