7 ways you’re failing your digital customers

The pandemic has only accelerated the need to deliver digital capabilities that delight customers. Unfortunately, most IT organizations are coming up short.

7 ways you’re failing your digital customers
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The pressure on CIOs to deliver digital experiences and transformation has accelerated during the pandemic, as maturing digital capabilities will be critical for enterprise success moving forward.

Customers agree: 84 percent of customers polled for the recent State of the Connected Customer survey from Salesforce said the way they experience an organization is as important as its products or services, and 73 percent expect companies to understand their needs and expectations.

Executives have gotten the message. TEKsystems polled 510 business and technology decision-makers for its 2020 State of Digital Transformation report and found that 72 percent listed improving customer experience and engagement as a top DX objective — making it No. 1 on the list of transformation goals.

Yet organizations are falling short when it comes to delivery. The Salesforce survey found that only 51 percent of customers believe companies meet that expectation and 54 percent said companies need to transform how they engage.

“We’re not getting where we need to go,” says Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO at research firm Everest Group. “For a CIO, then, the lesson here is if you want your digital transformation to succeed, you have to define your objectives in terms of the results that the customer wants and then help the business go through the operational model change to deliver.”

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