How Egypt’s digital transformation is creating business opportunities

The Egyptian government’s investment in its Digital Egypt programme is improving IT infrastructure, leading to opportunities for IT pros and collaboration with many local and multinational enterprises. (The first of a three-part series on digital transformation in Egypt.)

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The Egyptian government is leading its nation's digital transformation through the ongoing work of its Digital Egypt mega project. Developed to strengthen and diversify the nation's economy by bolstering technological knowledge and innovation, the project is achieving early results that can benefit technology leaders doing business in the country.

The ultimate goal of the programme is to transition the nation to a knowledge economy characterized by a highly skilled workforce, the creation of intellectual property, and goods and services based on information-intensive activity. The project is based on three main pillars: digital transformation, digital skills and jobs, and digital innovation.

[For our story on Digital Egypt's skills and jobs pillar, see "How Egypt is building a generation of IT pros to close the skills gap".  For our story on the innovation pillar, see "Digital Egypt strategy calls for investment in tech hubs, innovation".]

Many investments have been made, with more still planned. These have focused on improving ICT infrastructure and education, building capacity and encouraging innovation in order to improve the sector's contribution to Egypt's economic growth.

Digital transformation plan spurs IT growth

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