Aster Hospitals UAE gets IoT-ready with new network management system

Growing patient expectations, the increasing influx of healthcare IoT devices and a disconnect among various systems has led Aster Hospitals in the UAE to deploy software-defined network infrastructure.

sherbaz bichu
Sherbaz Bichu

Due to the specialized nature of patient-care services, the healthcare industry has traditionally implemented a myriad of best-in-breed technologies that often operated independently from one another. Now, ubiquitous access to connected devices and mobile cloud applications are raising patient expectations for a seamless customer experience, in turn driving hospitals to build more-integrated IT infrastructure.

Given changing patient expectations, Aster Hospitals UAE faced an increasingly common problem amongst healthcare organizations: Though it has been innovating and developing internal information systems, the various systems and devices — particularly those used by different departments — were not sharing information with each other.

This was not the type of patient experience that Aster Hospitals and Clinics UAE’s CEO, Dr. Sherbaz Bichu, wanted to deliver. "If you go by what is happening in the IT world, then the healthcare industry may be really outdated," he says.

Aster Hospitals UAE is part of the Aster DM Healthcare group, which operates across seven countries. Inside the UAE, it operates through three leading hospitals, supported by other accredited hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers. The available services include general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, ENT, neurosurgery, dermatology, cardiology, cardiac surgery, pediatrics, amongst others.

"We wanted patients to have a seamless journey. If somebody has been screened in UAE, when they go back to India, they should be able to get access to their reports and investigations," Bichu explains. "That is the mission. One Aster is our vision."

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