7 tips to position yourself for promotion

IT pros with eyes on senior-level roles must fill out their skill sets, learn to present their successes, find the right champions, and make their aspirations known.

7 tips to position yourself for promotion
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Getting promoted to a high-level position in IT is a long game. But it’s not one that’s won by being patiently excellent and waiting for people to take notice. Like any undertaking that requires the participation of busy colleagues, this will take preparation, persuasion, and a plan.

But before you pull out the org map and draw up a campaign, be certain that you want this. Sure, you want the salary, office, and respect. And maybe you’re certain you’d be an excellent manager. “But is the next role, and the pressures that come with it, really what you want?” asks John Appleby, CEO of Avantra.

“As you go up, your network increases and your responsibilities increase. But some things are diminished,” agrees Theresa Cantwell, director of HR and engagement management at Digiterre. “I’ve found that as people rise up, they come to miss the technology. They don't have the time for it anymore.”

In a leadership role, you will spend your time on millions of other matters. And you will have to move out of your comfort zone. “If you decide you want this, know that there will be conflict and tension,” Cantwell warns.

Still interested? Read on to find out how best to position yourself to move up the ladder.

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