Powering Public Services with Intelligence

The partnership between Huawei and AxxonSoft highlights the strategies in addressing the challenges in intelligent computing, especially for public services and security. To make these solutions successful, Huawei introduces its cutting-edge innovations in Ascend AI and Atlas solutions, hoping to bring enhanced technologies for the benefits of end-users and clients.

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As digital transformation progresses, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve to fit into different industries. Smart City initiatives are among those different areas supported by the rapidly developing AI technologies such as machine learning and deep learning.

Smart City covers a wide range of applications to improve different aspects of people’s life. Security is one of these aspects, and the introduction of AI changes how this can be operated.

AI technologies can help handle intensive computing tasks, such as precise analysis and identification, and monotonous monitoring – there is basically no human being could do within the same amount of time. The accuracy, meanwhile, is usually exceptional given the right platforms that run the best-fit solutions.

AxxonSoft has consistently taken these technological breakthroughs and offers more inspiring products in their arsenal. The global leading security software developer offers integrated, out-of-the-box vertical and horizontal solutions for Safe City, retail, banks, transportation and oil and gas industries, etc.

Since 2003, the company has been creating disruptive technologies that drive this particular industry to adopt more advanced solutions, from the first Safe City project, to the development of a ground-breaking Axxon Next video management software, to Forensic Search technologies and AI neural network analytics on cloud.

The latest Axxon Next–based solution came from a robust collaboration with Huawei, which has been working tirelessly on driving accelerate security industry transformation by proactive integrating the AI technology into many solutions for all kinds of scenarios.

The powerful AI brings analytics to another level, such as the analysis of human behaviours to detection of abnormal actions. With the support of intelligence, the system can smartly manage footages for later searches. As the platform is flexible, it can be integrated easily with third-party systems.

All these are made possible with Huawei’s state-of-the-art technologies in Ascend AI and Atlas series. Inside the latest Axxon Next set-up come with the Atlas 800-3000 server that runs the video management software (VMS) on the Ascend 310 processor. The inference server also supports up to eight Atlas 300 AI acceleration cards to provide powerful real-time inference.

The Huawei Atlas AI Computing Platform powered by Huawei Ascend series AI processors enables all-scenario AI infrastructure solutions for device-edge-cloud.

Equally critical is the Huawei TaiShan next-generation data centre servers, which are based on Huawei Kunpeng ARM processors, aiming to meet the requirements of diversified and green computing. The ARM architecture offers advantages in terms of many-core and performance per watt.

What makes the solution stand out include the large computing resources for intensive data processing and analytic tasks. Despite the intensity, the Atlas series and the Ascend chips help the system reduce its power consumption and the costs of data processing while providing a much smaller computing footprint.

As a result, Huawei’s solutions give Axxon Next extremely reliable and high-performance hardware platform, while the video management system is limitlessly scalable and supports a variety of edge devices and communication protocols. The system also supports AI-powered video analytics, and fast metadata-based search across recorded videos to meet the needs in different scenarios.

Thanks to the iconic AI Neural Network Analytics platform, surveillance is now made proactive with the support of intelligent video analysis applications – security measures are now possible executed at an early stage when situations of risk are recognised, which can help ultimately limiting damage or emergencies.

The Analytics platform leads to several applications which improve the performance of the security system, making a major shift of the paradigm of social safety. With the AxxonSoft’s AI-powered analytics – using Huawei’s technology – can be used in a variety of security scenarios including detecting potentially dangerous conditions such as abandoned objects in public spaces, early fire detection, and identifying, tracking, and counting objects of the like of humans, vehicles, or many others, with face and number plate recognition and recognizing threats by detecting specific human postures to be added soon.

The test runs for the solutions have been satisfying, where the recordings on 800 Full HD cameras and the intelligent object detection running 500 cameras made a tremendous difference between AI analytics and human eyes.

The astonishing solution is among the other innovations showcased in the fifth HUAWEI CONNECT which took place between 23 and 26 September in Shanghai. During this flagship event of the global tech giant, industrial elite, top-notch developers, along with partners and clients, shared their insights into the inevitable digital transformation.

Also deeply discussed surrounds the ecosystems that Huawei strides to establishing. Believing firmly in partnership, the global tech giant has kicked off a global AI ecosystem scheme, with an investment of US$1.5 billion in a period of five years, intending to nurture one million AI developers as well as supporting 3,000 software development partners and 1,000 universities and research centers.

Huawei has also been investing in basic research and enjoyed breakthroughs in seeking efficient strategies in data mining, visual recognition model designing, and data representation and storage. And it would take more talent for the positive development of the industry.

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