Taking a risk on innovation: Fine Hygienic Holding moves to the cloud

Legacy IT systems were hampering FHH's goals to expand globally and launch an IPO, so CIO Yahyah Pandor embraced digital transformation and took the leap to the cloud, moving applications and data, revamping budgeting and supply chain operations on the way.

Yahyah Pandor
Yahyah Pandor

When Yahyah Pandor joined Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH) as its new CIO in 2018, he had his work cut out for him. The company needed to plan for the future, and quickly — its legacy IT architecture was hampering operational efficiency, plans for global expansion, and progress to its goal of launching an IPO.

"The challenge upon arrival that was obvious, was the expense of a very old architecture delivering very little value," says Pandor, citing "the inability to complete upgrades, software additions and empower business change."

The company required a fundamental digital transformation. FHH was doing "temporary and tactical" fixes when what was needed was "a radical shift for a company getting ready for an IPO and expanding globally," Pandor says.  "This affected technology perception and to some extent created a non-productive way of working in the tech teams."

FHH is one of the Middle East and North Africa's largest FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) companies, founded in 1958 and now operating across 75 countries. Founded in Jordan, with headquarters currently in Amman and Dubai, It has achieved visibility and expansion, becoming a leading wellness company for its now-famous face masks and range of health and wellness products

Move to cloud is part of core strategy shift

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