7 attributes every IT leader must have

Leadership has little to do with one's title or seniority; it's an attribute that's earned over time through study, practice and commitment. Are you prepared to become a true leader?

7 attributes every IT leader must have
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Becoming a true IT leader — someone who inspires teams to consistently reach new heights — requires skills that can only be acquired over time through hard work and a commitment to succeed.

Transformational leaders are typically described as lively, passionate, engaging and energetic. Such individuals aren't focused only on helping teams achieve their planned goals; they also work hard to help team members reach their full potential.

Becoming a respected and prized leader isn't easy, but it's a goal within reach of just about anyone who's willing to commit to the task. Here are seven fundamental attributes every IT leader needs to possess — and how to acquire them.

1. Agility

Leaders quickly recognize and act on emerging business and technology trends. Likewise, when an obstacle appears, they have the decisiveness and speed to quickly shift gears and modify their approach. The COVID-19 pandemic, for instance, forced IT leaders to make rapid changes to keep their enterprises operational and competitive, including the deployment of multiple new tools and technologies. "IT leaders must be agile in responding to [a] new way of working," says Tim Bridges, an executive vice president at business consulting firm Capgemini. "[They] must have the ability to make quick choices to position their teams and organizations for success."

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