Delivering on Anthony Nolan's evergreen technology strategy

Danny Attias, CDIO for blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan, led this year's UK CIO 100 after his work delivering an evergreen technology strategy and establishing a culture of data-driven collaboration.

Danny Attias, CDIO, Anthony Nolan
Danny Attias, CDIO, Anthony Nolan

Established in 1974, Anthony Nolan is a non-profit that matches stem cells or bone marrow donors with patients suffering from blood cancer and blood disorders in need of life saving transplants.

From an IT perspective this means serving a small but complex organisation that is equal parts charity, social enterprise, research institute, and laboratory.

Danny Attias joined Anthony Nolan as CIO four years ago, inheriting an IT function that had not been particularly strategic in its technology investment decisions. "We had systems which were bought or built, implemented, and then people would walk away and they would be used until they were no longer working," Attias tells CIO.

That had to change.

Executing an evergreen strategy

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