Manukau Institute of Technology gets a network makeover

The five-campus school moved to the cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure as part of its technology transformation.

manukau tech park aug 2020
Manukau Institute of Technology

Simple, standard, seamless. It’s a goal that IT leaders strive to deliver in every aspect of the user’s experience. One key to achieving it is in the network deployment, as it’s the foundation on which every technology experience is delivered. So it made sense that in Manukau Institute of Technology’s transformation journey, it was the place to start.

“For our network journey, we knew exactly what we needed. We wanted our staff and students to be able to access the systems they needed, anytime, anywhere. We also needed our network to do more than just enable people to connect. To do that, we required a single pane of glass for management; to troubleshoot, configure, validate, automate and authenticate,” said Jenna Woolley, the executive general manager for technology.

jenna woolley manukau institute Manukau Institute of Technology

Jenna Woolley, executive general manager for technology, Manukau Institute of Technology

The first step was to reduce the number of vendors from 12 to one. “In the past, we had an ad hoc compilation of networking technologies that were not all compatible. In fact, many were counterproductive, and required a number of different skill sets, making it complicated and expensive to run,” she says. They chose Extreme Networks, which worked with her network team to upgrade the entire network across the institute’s five sites.

Manukau’s move to the cloud

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