Network for Learning expands to NZ students—in and out of school

Implementing Wi-Fi 6 and boosting internet security across New Zealand schools is a massive undertaking, especially with a talent shortage.

gavin costello and clayton hubbard n4l

Being the Wi-Fi provider at a conference for 500 people is not a job to be taken lightly. It can require days of preparation and constant troubleshooting during the event, as people expect to stay connected while moving in and out of rooms. So, imagine being in charge of the Wi-Fi for more than 2,450 conferences, where the total average consumption is 176TB a day, and you’ll get a sense of what the team at Network for Learning (N4L), New Zealand’s national network for schools, grapple with.

gavin costello and clayton hubbard n4l N4L

Left: Gavin Costello, CIO and CISO at Network for Learming (N4L). Right: Clayton Hubbard, head of enterprise architecture at N4L.

Gavin Costello, who recently added CSIO to his CIO responsibilities, leads the 30-strong IT team at N4L. On his team is Clayton Hubbard, head of enterprise architecture, who recently won the 2020 Reseller News Innovation Award for Entrepreneurship – Technical Excellence.

Hubbard’s latest job is to lead the design of more than 2,450 wireless networks in schools across New Zealand, as part of N4L’s Wi-Fi 6 deployment. It is arguably one of the largest network rollouts of its kind — not only in New Zealand, but globally. And it is taking place in an environment where each school is unique, both in its infrastructure requirements and its governance and oversight, Hubbard says.

Protecting students — in and out of school

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