Contact Centers: A Central Component of Digital Transformation

The modern contact center is becoming a customer experience center.

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Today’s leading contact centers are focused on creating a multi-experience – that is, personalized, effortless, and intelligent customer and employee experience across every touchpoint, interaction, and modality throughout the entire journey. A multi-experience creates valuable and memorable connections that enhance the customer journey and help keep employees more satisfied with their jobs. Delivering this experience means many organizations will need to accelerate their efforts to leverage advanced technologies like the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation.

The time to do this, however, has never been better. As a result of COVID-19, companies have significantly accelerated their digital transformations to adapt to new ways of working, and 72% of companies are rethinking their customer experience. CIOs and IT decision makers can now take the lead in adopting technology that will analyze every bit of information related to the customer – all to better understand and anticipate their needs.

Creating a multi-experience requires addressing several challenges. While many contact centers have focused on enabling new communication channels, many of which are automated, including chatbots, and social media, human interaction (via phone, webchat, video or other) is more important than ever. In a digital world, with limited human interaction in the typical customer journey, the places where you can insert human engagement become critical to how customers think about, and, most important, feel about your brand.

In addition to seamlessly integrating human interactions with more automated experiences, contact centers must now support agents and supervisors who may be located anywhere (and experiencing disruption in their personal lives). This means contact center operations must better manage scheduling while providing agents with the critical resources they need, including proper training and support, powerful tools for connecting with customers, supervisors and subject matter experts (often outside of the contact center), and real-time assistance to drive better outcomes. Most contact centers are also implementing AI to drive better customer experiences, but they often struggle to extend and unify these benefits across the multi-experience.

The modern contact center is becoming a customer experience center

Digital transformation technologies, such as cloud-based solutions like Avaya OneCloud CCaaS (Contact Center as-a-Service), are the key to powering the customer experience center, to address all these challenges and empower agents to engage, anticipate, nurture, and deliver great experiences that increase customer retention and turn customers into advocates.

To do this the Customer Experience Center needs to connect customers effortlessly throughout the entire journey, across every touchpoint, modality and device, irrespective of channel, interaction, resource, or time.

A customer experience center is also focused on orchestrating processes across today’s often disparate organisation functions, application silos, and disjointed infrastructure, ensuring customers and employees have everything they need at their fingertips, including knowledge resources, subject matter experts, and real-time insights, including insight into a customer’s emotional state – whether they are happy, frustrated or angry.

The CXC is also focused on engaging and managing all the resources CCaaS enables managers to provide proper support and coaching throughout the employee lifecycle, leading to empowered and enabled workers who become brand advocates and are less likely to burn out when they are more successful at helping customers.

Finally, a CXC infuses AI, knowledge and insights throughout every customer journey, ensuring intelligent decisions and informed next best actions benefit customers, employees and the organization.

Innovation providing experiences that matter

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS is an AI-powered solution focused on powering today’s customer experience center. It is offered on a subscription model, enabling customers to engage how and when they want by delivering effortless, seamless and context-driven personalized experiences across every touchpoint. When those experiences include connecting with a contact center agent, intuitive tools and skills-based routing allow agents to engage with each customer with new levels of insight, creating connections on a deeper and more emotional level.

Avaya also recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all customer experience center, instead providing the ability for customers to take their digital transformation journey at their own speed. In the past, all contact center features were bundled – hardware, software and database – so a customer had to purchase the entire bundle even if it needed only 10 percent of the features. Years later, when the customer needed new capabilities, the team often didn’t realize they were available in the existing solution, so they would go out and purchase a different product. This was a lose-lose for the customer and the contact center vendor.

Avaya provides modular, layered contact center innovation, allowing organizations to create multi-experience over time by deploying only the capabilities they need most in the beginning and then easily adding new, tightly integrated features as they progress on their digital transformation journey. For example, if a company has implemented contact center agent capabilities and then adds a virtual assistant, the virtual assistant immediately has access to the same knowledge base and CRM system to power its decision making and presentation to agents. This ability to instantly and cost-effectively add valuable and tightly integrate new technology creates synergies that benefit the business, agents and customers through faster time to value, greater customer satisfaction and happier, engaged agents.

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS can be implemented easily and allows customers to scale up (or down) when they need to. The solution also enables employees, including contact center agents, to work from home, supporting today’s need to keep employees safe.

How customers connect with your company may be changing, but the importance of managing your brand isn’t. Starting your digital transformation by ensuring your contact center can support a multi-experience and deep human engagement will drive increased customer loyalty and revenue.

To learn more about how Avaya OneCloud CCaaS can enable you to power a digital business with a human touch, read about the use cases.  


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