8 top Israeli agritech start-ups to watch in 2021

Israel's history in agricultural has evolved into an ecosystem of pathbreaking, technologically advanced agritech startups using AI, robotics and drones to make farming more cost-efficient.

Before Israel developed a reputation for building innovative software and telecommunications systems, the country's economic brand was associated with agriculture.

In the 19th century, Ottoman farmers exported the "Jaffa" orange overseas. The country became known for establish the farming collectives —  the kibbutz —  that boosted home-grown agriculture in pre-state Palestine. And a half century ago on a kibbutz in the Negev desert, a company named Netafim pioneered drip irrigation technology.   

It's not a surprise then that, alongside Israeli start-ups in networking and telecoms equipment, security and cloud software, and emerging technology including advanced AI and fintech, an ecosystem of hundreds of agritech start-ups has sprung up in recent years.

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