Avaya Helps Quality Resource Management Transform to Meet Pandemic Challenges

UCaaS solution enhances internal communications by enabling messaging, HD video, file sharing, and more on any device.

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Quality Resource Management (QRM) is the nation’s premier incident response center for insurance claims intake and private dispatch services. The Tennessee-based company has an outstanding reputation for customer service and was recently recognized by Great Place to Work for its employee experience.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in early 2020, Ben DePriest, Chief Operating Officer at QRM, knew he had to take immediate and decisive action. As an essential service, QRM still needed to respond to and manage major life events for individuals, such as car accidents, roof leaks, and job injuries. This meant DePriest had to rapidly transition nearly 100%of the company’s staff to working from home without any disruption to services.

DePriest was also determined to help the company maintain its outstanding customer and employee experiences – and knew he had to double down on the core tenets of QRM’s organizational culture. “We are a family company. We are driven by our culture, and it’s important to us that everyone experiences it,” he said.

Avaya steps in

As it did for many other companies at this time, Avaya quickly stepped in to help DePriest make the best decisions for QRM’s teams and customers. QRM was an existing Avaya customer, and Avaya offered a free trial of Power User licenses so that all contact center agents could immediately begin working from home.

In addition, QRM deployed Avaya OneCloud UCaaS to enhance internal communications. The solution, Avaya Spaces, enables messaging, HD video, file sharing, and more on any device. “With changes happening so rapidly, we needed reliable communications across the organization so everyone could be kept in sync,” said DePriest.

Avaya Spaces allowed QRM to maintain a great employee experience for all remote workers, making it easy to communicate effectively with the rest of the business. The solution even supported effective remote training and coaching of at-home agents.

Particularly helpful in keeping everyone on task and in sync was the Avaya Spaces smartphone app, which sends real-time notifications of chat messages and other updates via the platform to personal devices.

“There’s a major overlap of our employees’ personal and work lives at this time,” said DePriest. “At any given point, one of our contact center agents or managers could be making their child’s lunch, helping with distance learning, or caring for an elderly relative who lives with them. The Avaya Spaces smartphone app allows us to get real-time updates of meeting requests or chat sessions so we can continue delivering great customer experiences no matter where we are or what we’re doing. That has been enormously helpful and provides a lot of relief to our leadership team.”

Enhanced internal communications

In addition to enabling everyone to work from home effectively, Avaya Spaces allowed QRM to improve internal communications. The QRM leadership team immediately began using Avaya Spaces for audit reviews, virtual client visits, and the exchange of vital information about the evolving pandemic. The leadership team also started conducting agent training in a way that was impractical before due to travel requirements. Now, no matter where employees are, they can join a session with the click of a button and have an interactive experience as if they were in the same room.

The company’s HR team is also using the platform as a digital recruiting and onboarding tool and exploring the idea of expanding QRM’s employment pool nationwide.

“We’re able to safely accomplish everything we need to with an immersive digital experience. This would have been helpful long before the pandemic,” he said.

With the right tools, we can have it all

Thanks to Avaya, DePriest has maintained QRM’s family culture, even as the company hired 50 additional staff members during the crisis. In fact, the experience with Avaya Spaces has been so successful that DePriest is permanently changing how QRM will operate post-pandemic based on Avaya’s solutions for video meetings, team collaboration, and advanced contact center capabilities.

For example, QRM is now hiring remote agents. “I never would have imagined we’d be offering permanent remote positions,” said DePriest. “For over 21 years, our company philosophy was that employees had to be in the office to experience the family culture that we’re proud of and that our clients love. Now we’re seeing that with the right tools, we can have it all.” DePriest also believes that the ability to enable workers to safely work from home will be very attractive to potential new hires.

QRM has proven that with the right tools, companies can thrive even in the face of significant disruption. With Avaya, DePriest maintained great customer and employee experiences while simultaneously accelerating the company’s digital transformation to better compete in the new normal.

“I can’t begin to describe how difficult the situation was, but we made it through with the help of our Avaya team and the tools they provide,” he said. “We have been with Avaya for 10+ years and are always satisfied. I hope my clients see QRM in the same light I see Avaya, that we stepped up during COVID-19 to continue delivering the same level of quality and service that we have been committed to. That’s why I chose Avaya and why I’ll continue to choose Avaya.”

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