Rémy Cointreau ports SAP to the cloud to help sell more cognac

The French liquor company blended its two SAP instances and migrated them to Google’s cloud to gain a better understanding of its customers.

Rémy Cointreau ports SAP to the cloud to help sell more cognac
Rémy Cointreau

History counts for a lot at Rémy Cointreau, a liquor company that prides itself on aging its finest spirits for 100 years, and traces its own origins back almost three centuries. But Group CTO Sébastien Huet recognizes that in the modern world, some things need to happen a little faster.

When he joined Rémy Cointreau six years ago, the company had a well-aged data center in Cognac, the town that gave its name to the drink the company makes.

“The IT was very old-fashioned,” he says. “Every time we needed to do a change, it took months, at least.”

The difficulties weren’t just in its historic home, but worldwide: A subsidiary that opened in Vietnam shortly before Huet’s arrival had no WiFi in its office, something that took six months to resolve. Rémy Cointreau’s CEO at the time challenged Huet to make it possible to open a new office in days rather than months.

“We redesigned all the infrastructure to achieve that kind of goal,” he says. “I think today we can do it in one day because we rethought everything, how to manage the security, to access the applications, how to manage infrastructure under this application, how to design the network.”

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