Top 5 strategic priorities for IT leaders in 2021

IT leaders from tech, insurance, and finance sectors share their strategic priorities for 2021. Self-service solutions, edge computing, analytics, and low-code development top CIOs’ roadmaps.

Top 5 strategic priorities for CIOs in 2021
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As CIOs get ready to close the books on a year gripped by a global pandemic, many are looking to the future with great optimism.

You read that right: Optimism. Because most CIOs are building on the momentum they facilitated in 2020 by leveraging digital technologies to augment employee and customer experiences.

Sixty-one percent of CIOs say they feel more influential than ever before, courtesy of their work to help hedge their businesses against the coronavirus, says Steve Bates, principal of KPMG’s CIO advisory practice, citing data from the Harvey Nash/KPMG 2020 CIO survey, which polled 4,200 IT leaders.

CEOs have almost universally recognized the importance of using technology as a business accelerator and will build on that accordingly in 2021, Bates says. Which means that IT leaders should have the budget to build on their digital work — even with some expected belt-tightening.

So what are CIOs prioritizing? Here some CIOs provide insights on their strategic IT roadmaps for 2021.

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