GITEX spotlights how AI, RPA and blockchain can improve healthcare

The pandemic has forced realtime tech innovation in the healthcare field.

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Though COVID-19 took the world by surprise, with devastating consequences, it has triggered deployment of innovative uses of technology, particularly in the healthcare sector. In the Middle East, the pandemic has pushed forward implementation of technology including AI, RPA [robotic process automation] and blockchain, providing a window into what the future of healthcare may look like, according to technology leaders at the recent GITEX conference in Dubai.

At American Hospital in Dubai, for example, management has approved bigger budgets for implementation of new technologies such as telemedicine, accelerating the hospital's digital transformation strategy, according to CIO Ahmad Yahya.

 "We are going ahead with aggressive implementations of new technologies right now. We are currently implementing a new MRI with [health IT provider] Cerner and AI at the core of it, an RPA implementation, and doing a lot of data analysis," Yahya said. "We are investing a lot in IT at the moment."

In addition to Cerner, American Hospital will be also using Amazon Web Services  (AWS) for its AI implementation, he added.

Though he said that robotics and AI will play key roles in the future of healthcare, Yahya stressed the need for balance between machines and humans.

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