The top 4 IT trends African CIOs need to watch in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated the usage of cloud and mobile; opened up new threat opportunities for hackers and caused a mass move to remote work. Savvy CIOs need to respond to these trends.

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The world of technology changed fundamentally during 2020. When governments across the globe issued stay-at-home orders to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, individuals and businesses relied on digital technologies to remain productive, stay informed and keep connected. In this way, 2020 totally transformed our relationship with these emerging tools and solutions. 

Across Africa, the pandemic served as a great accelerator for innovation and co-operation, with the continent's response to COVID-19 largely being defined by inventive thinking around the use of technology. And the trend is only set to continue into 2021. According Mark Walker, an associate VP at the International Data Corporation (IDC) in sub-Saharan Africa, mobility, security and connectedness will be a key focus for CIOs in 2021, with cloud being the glue that holds everything together.

Below, we unpack four key trends that African CIOs should be keeping an eye on in the year ahead.

Remote work is here to stay

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