Time to get insightful: NZ Trade and Enterprise’s next IT phase

NZTE is focusing on an enhanced analytics and data strategy, and its IT staff is learning new skills and approaches to make that possible.

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What comes after ‘get modern’ and ‘get digital’? The answer, according to Richard Kay, chief digital officer at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), is ‘get insightful’. The organisation is embarking on the third phase of its IT transformation programme by rolling out a comprehensive data and analytics programme in the coming months.

Image of Richard Kay of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

Richard Kay, chief digital officer, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

This comes after a complete overhaul of NZTE’s IT capability, which began with changing the IT environment, before deploying new digital channels. “As a consequence of that first success in the ‘get modern’ phase and shifting into the ‘get digital’ phase, the make-up of my IT team shifted from 90% traditional internal IT people who look after servers, backups, all that sort of stuff to almost 90% customer-facing digital channels now. It’s been a radical transformation in that respect,” Kay says.

How being digitally enabled helps NZ exporters succeed

NZTE’s purpose is to help New Zealand exporters be successful, and it does this primarily by connecting companies with people and organisations that can assist them anywhere in the world. The new digital platforms, which includes customised portals for individual exporters (NZTE’s customers), make a range of useful data available on demand.

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