7 ways to sabotage your shift to agile

The drumbeat to implement agile just keeps getting louder. Here’s how to ensure certain failure.

7 ways to sabotage your shift to agile

Agile should be yesterday’s news. Really, yester-decade’s news. The Agile Manifesto appeared nearly twenty years ago, and unlike Athena, who sprang fully grown and armored from Zeus’s head, many of us had practiced or encouraged agile-ish techniques long before the manifesto made them official.

And yet, some fearless holdouts have managed to keep agile, with its higher rates of success and business satisfaction, at bay. If you’re among them and you’re under pressure to “go agile,” it’s time to stop feeling like a dinosaur waiting for the asteroid to hit. Here are seven proven ways to take the offensive and surely prevent agile from happening to your IT organization without you gaining a reputation for being sand in your company’s progress gears.

1. Call it Agile. Make it haphazard

As you launch your next project, insist the project manager run it the “agile way,” with everyone on the team figuring out each morning what they can do that day to move the project in whatever direction they think is forward.

Testing? When the team is ready to test a feature, let the product owner know today you’ll need business staff to bang away at the feature tomorrow. If they won’t be available tomorrow, that’s okay. It just means that feature will have to slide into the next sprint.

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