IT Resume Makeover: Cut down details to stand out as a leader

Experience and accomplishments are often buried deep in the details of an IT resume. Learn how to trim the fat and surface what recruiters need to know up top in this resume makeover.

IT Resume Makeover: Cut through the details to stand out as a leader
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As an IT leader with a storied career, it can feel impossible to write a concise resume that highlights your experience, skills and knowledge in full. But the longer your resume, the greater the risk that a hiring manager or recruiter will glaze over half the document — or worse, move on to the next resume in the pile before they even finish it.

For Sherry Vogt, a CIO in the education industry, knowing what to highlight on her resume and how to keep more than two decades of experience and accomplishments confined to one or two pages was challenging. To help her in her hunt for a new CIO position in education, we paired Vogt with Andrew Ysasi, president of Adamovio and vice president of Vital Records Control, for a resume makeover.

Ysasi met with Vogt to discuss her aspirations and experiences as an IT leader, including the positions she was interested in and the geographical locations she wanted to confine her search to.

“We also discussed her accomplishments in detail, and explored preparing her resume for higher education, industry and board member roles,” Ysasi says. “Vogt has a lot of CIO experience at universities throughout the US. Her accomplishments are noteworthy — she is an ideal CIO candidate for any organization.”

Despite her qualifications, however, Ysasi felt that Vogt’s five-page resume didn’t capture all the high points of her career, and Vogt agreed. To better present her as a candidate, Ysasi helped Vogt develop her career story, tailoring and formatting her resume to enforce that story and deliver the most impact.

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