12 IT budget tricks to reduce costs post-COVID

The pandemic has seen more weight thrust on IT’s shoulders, but often not the bump in budget to support it. Here are a dozen tips on trimming costs in response to strategic shifts in the wake of COVID-19.

12 IT budget tricks to reduce costs in the wake of COVID
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If we cross our fingers, it’s possible to imagine a world with the COVID-19 pandemic receding behind us. While some parts of life may return to the way they were before the pandemic hit, the world of IT in the enterprise won’t. Many organizations are actively talking about not going back to the office and that could mean seismic long-term shifts in IT portfolios and budgets.

Regardless, we can expect communication and collaboration to increasingly take place via online tools — and the expectations will be higher. Moreover, employees in a physical office can still hold meetings and perform plenty of work even when the network goes down, but a network failure or server crash can shut down everything if everyone is working from home.

Many teams faced these issues at the beginning of the pandemic when the massive shift to virtual workflow turned into a tidal wave. The basic challenges are the same but now the parameters are different. What was once a temporary maneuver is now morphing into a permanent strategic vision. What were once one-time emergency measures are now becoming recurring budget items that require long-term planning.

Alas, just because more weight is on IT’s shoulders doesn’t mean the CIO will get a bigger budget or even one the same size as last year. Many businesses are facing existential crises and no one will be able to escape difficult cuts.

The good news is that good CIOs often have a few tricks up their sleeves. Even if they’re trimming muscle and not fat, they can often use new technology to roll out solutions that are often better, faster and more agile. Yes, budget ultimatums are painful, but they’re also opportunities.

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