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Helping clients turn data into profits

Converge Technology Solutions helps their customers generate value from data using advanced analytics solutions and services, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

According to Dr. Jonathan D. Gough, Ph.D., lead data scientist for Converge and head of the company’s AI and ML division, “We spend a lot of time working with the client trying to understand the problem they’re trying to solve, and then building the solution to solve that problem…We live and breathe the challenges our clients face and the business domain they exist in, and then we build a solution that fits in that niche.”

Converge Technology Solutions recently worked with a relatively small media-buying company with some unique challenges. For example, instead of going to one place to make a media buy, like some of their larger competitors, the small media company might have to go to 100 or 150 places and make buying decisions related to tens of thousands of available television spots. The media-buying company was using spreadsheets and manual processes to make these decisions. Converge needed to help their client determine the best, most cost-efficient strategy for buying ads across an inventory of more than 40,000 specific spots.

To address this challenge, Gough and his team developed an AI-driven solution that makes real-time predictions on who is going to be watching certain TV shows at certain times. The resulting AI enables smarter media buys and streamlines the process of gathering data from multiple companies that measure ratings and report on the results of campaigns.

“When they came to us, they could run two to four campaigns per quarter,” Gough says. “They were doing $800,000 in business a year. Last year, they did over $180 million in business, all because of the platform we built for them. It does all the work they used to do in spreadsheets by hand, automagically. They used to go through every single line, estimating predictions for every line of inventory. And now we can do that in real time at scale.”

Even better, the media-buying company achieved that dramatic growth with their core team of just eight people. “We just added technology to help them do their jobs better, so they could focus on things that really matter,” Gough says.

In another AI success, Converge Technology Solutions helped a manufacturer slash its costs stemming from defective parts by developing a solution that uses computer vision to detect faulty materials in the manufacturing process. That client was able to save $150,000 per month.

Converge Technology Solutions also helped an international bank create AI-driven search solutions that help employees to find staff resources and access knowledge from across the organization in a matter of seconds. These solutions incorporate natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to overcome the communication barriers in an organization that has 29 locations across the Americas and uses four different languages. The solution helped the bank save more than $5 million a year.

Working with Dell Technologies

Converge maintains a close relationship with Dell Technologies. In a testament to the strength of this relationship, all of the U.S. members of the Converge family of companies are Dell Technologies Gold partners, and the company’s Canadian subsidiary, Northern Micro, is a Dell Technologies Titanium partner.

As Converge CEO Shaun Maine notes, “By layering Dell technologies onto our existing capabilities, we are enhancing our existing hybrid IT solution set and delivering more options and value to our customers.”


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