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Enhancing AI with powerful image and signal processing capabilities

Digital Harmonic is a leading innovator in image processing for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications. For example, the company’s PurePixel® software enhances the quality and efficiency of ML and computer vision (CV) algorithms, increasing output quality and accuracy for real-time video. PurePixel also improves advanced analytics software with cloud-based ML algorithms for object recognition, object detection, image annotation/labeling, semantic image segmentation analysis and edge computing capabilities.

With this technology:

  • Defense and intelligence can enhance image resolution to help detect and mitigate threats.
  • Healthcare providers can reduce the radiation dosage required to take medical images.
  • First responders can see more clearly through smoke, fog, cloud cover and darkness to save lives.

Digital Harmonic is helping bring the advanced visioning capabilities of PurePixel to government organizations. Because of its ability to turn night into day, clear up fog, and remove cloud cover in image and video sources in real-time, PurePixel can help organizations secure critical areas and communities, enabling military leaders to make better-informed decisions.

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Digital Harmonic can deliver PurePixel to agencies on a scalable suite of Dell Technologies Embedded and Edge OEM solutions. These range from edge devices and mobile workstations to data center servers and storage systems. For example, the PowerEdge C4140 Server with second generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors is an ultra-dense, accelerator-optimized rack server purpose-built for AI solutions with a leading GPU-accelerated infrastructure. With support for up to four GPUs, this server ready for some of today’s most demanding workloads, including low-latency performance for advanced AI use-cases.

According to Scott Haiges, CEO of Digital Harmonic, “With the proliferation of optical sensors across all domains expected to reach 45 billion cameras in the next few years, the need for enhanced video processing becomes paramount to the success of AI/ML. Our process provides clarity when necessary to avoid the biases of trained models. We can think of no better collaborator than Dell Technologies to achieve the speed and scale needed to place our powerful technology in the hands of Federal customers to help give the US a competitive advantage.”

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Find out more in the case study: The Next Level of Knowledge. For a first-hand look at the amazing capabilities of PurePixel, see more before-and-after views on Vimeo or YouTube. Unlock the value of data with delltechnologies.com/ai and Intel AI Builders.

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