7 traits that separate IT leaders from IT managers

Is your career still rooted in the past? Here's how you can break free and reach new levels of leadership and performance.

7 traits that separate IT leaders from IT managers

Most CIOs were, at previous stages in their careers, IT managers. Unfortunately, despite raises in pay and responsibility, many CIOs continue to behave and perform like managers rather than C-level executives.

An IT leader who can't shake loose from bygone responsibilities and attitudes has a serious problem. Stuck in the past and unable to press forward, a CIO with a manager-fastened mindset is unable to unlock the full potential of his or her new role.

Transitioning from a manager to an executive is a process that requires awareness, reflection, and insight. To speed the journey along, consider these seven traits that separate an IT leader from an IT manager.

1. Inspirational

An IT leader inspires colleagues, encouraging them to eagerly embrace and cultivate technology change.

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