Agile in Australia: Are you fast or fake?

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The technology sector is notorious for its ability to constantly create new buzzwords and the word “agile” is no exception. Meaning to have quick motion and be nimble, it joins a long list of words that have been hijacked by the industry.

In this episode, we speak to self-confessed Agile purist, Paul Keen, who is global vice president of engineering at software firm Nuix.

Keen discusses the problems that Agile methodologies solve, why they are not necessarily a panacea for the ills of traditional software development, and what he has learnt in relation to planning, selecting the right teams, doing testing correctly, and taking on customer feedback.

David Bolton, who is chief technology officer at Domain, talks about how Agile methodologies are used across the digital property portal and real estate business; and the ‘grey areas’ in consulting that take Agile across discovery-driven product development right through to large scale, predictable project delivery.

And finally, Stu Mitchell and Sam Bowtell, Scrum trainers and coaches at RedAgile, talk about the differences between fake and real Agile, the key traits of a good Agile practitioner, and what organisations that are succeeding with these methodologies are doing better than those that are not.

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