Turkish start-up Reengen goes global with cloud-based IoT, analytics

Founded in Istanbul, Reengen leveraged its cloud-native IoT analytics PaaS and an Oracle programme for start-ups to support international growth and change the way facilities monitor energy consumption.


Reengen is on a mission to optimize energy management via a cloud-based IoT and analytics platform. The Turkey-based start-up was founded by Şahin Çağlayan, Utku Simitli, and Burak Sefer, three MSc students who noted a functional gap between the enormous amount of data produced by disparate energy monitoring systems and the ability for organizations to visualize and act upon that data. 

The growth of their company, founded in 2013, shows how a tiny, local start-up can expand internationally by leveraging cloud-native technology — in Reengen's case, an analytics PaaS (platform as a service) designed to take advantage of data provided by burgeoning IoT (internet of things) networks to make energy management more efficient and sustainable. Along the way, the company took advantage of one of the programmes offered by major cloud providers and designed to help start-ups scale quickly.

Many retail spaces like shopping malls and banks as well as facilities like factories and utility plants use IoT sensors that monitor energy consumption of everything from air conditioning units to overhead lighting.

IoT networks merge IT and OT (operational technology) and comprise edge-network sensors, control systems, back-end servers and a wide range of applications. Each sensor produces a wealth of information and informs future adjustments that can lower both expenditures and carbon footprints. 

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