How Chorus is planning the future of New Zealand’s broadband network

CTO Ewen Powell explains how New Zealand’s core network is changing, what the telco has to plan for, and what CIOs should know.

Enterprise IT leaders are required to do their fair share of crystal-ball gazing to determine what technology will be around in two, five, even 10 years from now, and what impact it will have on their organisation. For Ewen Powell, CTO at Chorus, anticipating what network capacity will be required is critical to ensuring New Zealanders can continue to work during unexpected events such as the global pandemic.

ewen powell chorus Chorus

Ewen Powell, CTO, Chorus

“Think of it as a pyramid; we’re at the bottom of that. So, you need to get a stable foundation with us as a wholesaler for the others sit on top of. You have the retail service providers [RSPs], and you have the app providers, the over-the-top players [for example Netflix]. If we don’t get it right, it’s going to have widespread impact as you go up the chain—they have may have issues further up, but it is going to be more discrete in who it impacts,” Powell says.

Chorus’s own IT roadmap

On his IT roadmap is extending the company’s data and analytics capability to improve decision making around investment decisions, as well as maintenance management of its network. This will include using machine learning to “automate what we can to make our customer experience a bit more seamless.”

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