How Information Dynamics navigated cloud hosting in the Middle East

While users expect their cloud applications to offer price benefits from day one, for SaaS vendors like Information Dynamics, rigorous testing and orchestration on hyperscale platforms is required in order to offer cost-effective applications and services.

soundarrajan sariyakutty
Soundarrajan Sariyakutty

With the arrival of cloud data centres in the Middle East and Africa, SaaS vendors like Information Dynamics have struggled to find the right hyperscale platforms to host their applications. Once part of the diversified Sharaf Group in UAE, now spun off as a profit centre with multiple customers, Information Dynamics has essentially tried all the hyperscale cloud providers — a long journey to come up with the best fit.

In the past, building software applications was all about domain expertise, application code, and user interface. Information Dynamics' own software development has been built on a 25-year relationship with Oracle.

"Our journey began with Oracle forms. Anything that is manufactured out from the factory till delivery into the end customer's hand, we have a solution, and almost all of them are developed using Oracle platform," explains Soundarrajan Sariyakutty, Vice President, Technology Services and Delivery, at Information Dynamics.

With the arrival of the cloud, though, an additional, crucial dimension has been added for software development and deployment — the cloud application hosting platform.

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