Q&A: Automation, AI optimize workflow and travel safety at TAV Airports

M. Kerem Öztürk and Hakan Öker, executives at Turkey-based TAV Airports, explain how emerging tech including big data, AI and automation have helped ensure passenger safety during the pandemic, while optimizing business processes.

tav airports
TAV Airports

TAV Airports is a Turkey-based airport operations and services firm that is part of Groupe ADP. It’s one of the world's largest airport operators, serving more than 100 airports across 30 countries. In this Q&A, M. Kerem Öztürk, TAV Technologies general manager, and Hakan Öker, chief human resources officer at TAV Airports Holding, detail how AI, automation and big data have played a part in ensuring passenger safety and optimizing workflow at airports — and why they decided to move their ERP systems to the cloud in the middle of the pandemic.

How has TAV Airport incorporated innovation?

Hakan Öker: TAV has placed innovation at the heart of its business model since its establishment back in 1997. Solely focusing on airport design, finance and management, the company strives to find innovative solutions to create the highest value for its stakeholders. The unique business model of TAV foresees an integrated approach to airport operations, providing services at each and every step of the passenger journey through its subsidiaries. This approach creates a rich data set, robust decision making and vast opportunities for collaboration. Therefore, we’re able to innovate, find efficient solutions and easily adapt to the needs and expectations of our passengers and customers.

In what ways is TAV Airport creating the future of airports?

 Hakan Öker: TAV is able to create customized, turn-key solutions for individual airport projects. Airports are strategic and long-term investments. We have extensive know-how and a successful track record in airport project finance and operations. Today TAV operates 15 airports in 8 countries and provides services at another 86 airports through its subsidiaries. Drawing on this know-how, we have established an R&D center, the TAV Innovation Center, in our HQ. The future of airports relies on smart applications for passengers that enable autonomy, diversity and comfort without compromising on security, and reliable, efficient processes for operators that would enable them to compete in an ever-competitive environment. As part of Groupe ADP, the largest airport management platform globally, we believe that we’re in a unique position to create and implement the next generation solutions at airports.

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