Online ANZ retailer Ezibuy brings data closer to the business user

BI data should not be owned by IT, but instead should be at the heart of the business, the retailer believes. So that’s how Ezibuy deployed its BI tools.

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As data and analytics strategies become higher priorities for organisations, it’s important that the insights they yield are not locked inside IT departments. Pushing the data closer to business users in a way that is easy to digest and act upon is becoming a critical part of running an effective business intelligence function.

Ezibuy, which began as a mail-order catalogue business for apparel and homeware in the 1978 and has since evolved into a multichannel Australasian retailer processing 1.8 million orders a year, is highly dependent on data to make fast, effective decisions.

It sells online as well as in its own stores, and everyone from merchandisers to product marketers to the COO Richard Harrison rely on real-time data to make timely business decisions.

“If you think about the scale of Ezibuy’s digital footprint, there are hundreds of decisions that are made on products and what gets positioned and promoted and where,” Harrison says. “So, the volume of those decisions and the speed and accuracy of getting good quality data that the business can access must be based on a robust [data and analytics] strategy.”

New tool to surface data direct to users

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